Common qualitative research methods

Qualitative research methods play an important part in social sciences. According to K. Hammarberg et al (2016), qualitative research is essential when the researchers’ questions require data on opinions, attitudes, views, beliefs. These methods help to uncover information on experience, meaning and perspective, normally from the participants’ viewpoint. This article aims to describe three common […]

Marketing communications and consumption practice

How marketing communications and consumption practice influence consumer identity With the rise of consumerism, people nowadays no longer consume for functional satisfaction. Instead, they buy and use goods and services for social purposes or to obtain things that possess intrinsic values. However, while a consumer may believe that he or she consciously and entirely control […]

On coolness

Coolness is a constantly changing concept that has been defined differently by various researchers. According to Poynor (2000), cool simply means “something good” or “great stuff to own”. Nancarrow (2002) suggested that cool comprised of an inner layer involving hedonism, narcissism or “ironic detachment”, and an outer layer including fashion, aesthetics and lifestyle. Coolness was […]